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January 6 Committee Votes On Whether To Hold Steve Bannon In Contempt Wyoming GOP votes to no longer recognize Liz Cheney Wyoming GOP votes to no longer recognize Liz Cheney Updated on: November 16, 2021 / 10:14 AM The Wyoming Republican party voted this weekend to no longer recognize Congresswoman Liz Cheney , who represents the state, as a member of their party. Cheney, one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach former President Trump , is one of two Republicans on the House select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol . Jeremy Adler, a spokesperson for Cheney, said in a statement that it is "laughable to suggest Liz is anything but a committed conservative Republican" "She is bound by her oath to the Constitution," Adler said. "Sadly, a portion of the Wyoming GOP leadership has abandoned that fundamental principle, and instead allowed themselves to be held hostage to the lies of a dangerous and irrational man."  The news was first reported by the Associated Press and the Casper Star-Tribune . U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), vice chair of the select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol, and Rep.

The road which witnessed another accident in the early hours of the day claimed five lives. While commiserating with families of those who lost their loved ones, Governor Abiodun said, he would take the issue up with the Minister of Works, Babatunde Fashola, so as to ensure expeditious completion of the rehabilitation works that has been on for decades. READ ALSO: Toll charges on a reconstructed Lagos-Ibadan expressway “I am going to take this up with the Minister of Works. This contractor has to be held accountable. We cannot continue to pussyfoot around a project that is so important, particularly around this corridor”. “I want to call on the contractor handling this project to expedite action. We can’t take any more excuses on this project. We will hold them responsible for any accident because safety measures are not in place, no safety signs and this is just an unnecessary loss of lives for us”. “We’ve had too many of these type of sad days on our major highways in Ogun State but of particular note is the recurrence of this type of incidents around this corridor of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway,” he said Abiodun while noting that the drivers of the trucks involved in the accident could not be totally blamed for the accident as a result of the inability of the contractor to provide all the necessary safety signs, he added that the construction had “been too protracted.” “These people (drivers alone) cannot be faulted; construction is ongoing, there are no proper safety signs on the road. There would be enough signs that would tell whoever it is that is on the road that the road is now a dual carriageway.

By creating and maintaining traceability between disparate systems for requirements, specifications, EDA and hardware designs, software code, and documentation, engineers will know immediately when a change occurs and the effect of that change on other design artifacts and parts of the system. Harmony Trace is implemented as an enterprise-level server-based application with a web-based UI that interfaces with EDA, documentation, existing requirements, software engineering and support systems. Unlike Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions that require engineers to use a single environment that is not best-in-class in any one aspect, Arteris Harmony Trace creates a visit the website system-of-systems that allows complete visibility of requirements traceability through the entire SoC design flow and product life cycle. “Developing a complex SoC often involves a suite of disparate and disconnected tools, which makes it difficult to maintain a record that allows tracing design requirements and artifacts over the product’s lifetime,” said Mike Demler, senior analyst at The Linley Group. “But Arteris Harmony Trace mitigates these issues by connecting discrete silos such that users can track requirements, implementation, verification and documentation mismatches across existing systems. This means that engineers can continue to use best-in-class solutions and technologies like EDA tools, IBM DOORS, Jama, Jira, DITA, and IP-XACT while experiencing the benefits of automated traceability. Harmony Trace helps design teams meet the quality and change management requirements of functional safety standards such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508.” “The development of Arteris Harmony Trace was driven by our customers’ needs to establish an automated traceability flow and implement change management best practices between their existing requirements, specification, EDA, code repository and documentation tools,” said K. Charles Janac, president and CEO of Arteris IP. “Harmony Trace allows our customers to use their existing tools and automatically link data between them due to its unique semiconductor industry-specific semantic computing technology.” Arteris IP (NASDAQ: AIP) provides system-on-chip (SoC) system IP consisting of network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect IP and IP deployment technology to accelerate system-on-chip (SoC) semiconductor development and integration for a wide range of applications from AI to automobiles, mobile phones, IoT, cameras, SSD controllers, and servers for customers such as Bosch , Baidu , Mobileye , Samsung , Toshiba and NXP . Arteris IP products include the Ncore ® cache coherent interconnect IP and FlexNoC ® non-coherent interconnect IP, the CodaCache ® standalone last level cache, and optional Resilience Package (ISO 26262 functional safety) , FlexNoC AI Package , and PIANO ® automated timing closure capabilities.